We make safe, strong, and sustainable products that impress.

We meticulously select materials and tenaciously exclude risky chemicals while embracing cutting-edge design for the well-being of your children and our planet.

Our Story

"We can constantly find ourselves exposed to an environment that jeopardizes people's health."

This realization dawned upon our founder, a female bioengineer, during her exploration into the origins of her PCOS - a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. She uncovered a significant factor: the abundance of environmental toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals present in today's industrial products. While a single product may not pose immediate risks, the accumulation of trace amounts of such chemicals can lead to adverse health effects, as evidenced by her own experience with PCOS.

Motivated by an unwavering dedication to future generations, she established Fortella with a commitment to creating clean, high-performance products that never compromise on safety. We firmly believe that our children deserve the safest options available, and parents deserve peace of mind with every Fortella product.

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